Michael Rossiter is an up and coming Australian contemporary artist with a focus on original oil on canvas paintings.  

Michael was born in England in late 1974, but his family relocated to Sydney's idyllic northern beaches less than a year later.

Michael has loved drawing for as long as he can remember and showed great creativity early on in his academic life.  His school teachers nurtured this talent by asking Michael to illustrate the school annuals and a cookbook.  Michael also painted backdrops for the yearly school theatre production.

In the years after leaving high school Michael continued to develop his artistic skills - both visually and musically, aside from a passion for paintings his love of electronic music saw him gravitate toward DJing and more recently electronic music production using advanced software Ableton Live.

After many years of sketching, pen and ink and watercolour, Michael decided in 2003 to try his hand at oil paintings and has never looked back, preferring oil on canvas for its depth of colour, workability and vibrant finish.   His passion for oil painting saw him produce a collection of paintings over the next couple of years readying him for his debut solo exhibition “Never a Dull Moment” in 2006.  This exhibition was held at The Artists Gallery in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales.  Michael’s paintings were extremely well received, not only selling paintings prior to the official opening of the show, but going on to sell half of the paintings exhibited and being approached for commissioned paintings by local businesses and individuals.  

In 2007 Michael was awarded the inaugural Blackheath Art Prize for his painting “Dusk” which was judged by Christine Morrow, curator of Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art.  Christine Morrow also awarded a Highly Commended for his painting “Winter Magic” in the same exhibition.

In 2008 Michael was awarded 2nd place and People’s Choice for his painting “Twilight” at a Members Only Exhibition at the Blackheath Art Society, which was judged by Kath von Witt, Director of the Hawksbury Regional Gallery.  Later that year Michael held his second solo exhibition "Nightscapes and Nonsense" at the Hat Hill Gallery, Blackheath, Australia.  Another beautiful collection of surreal and breathtaking paintings.

In 2013 Michael took his third solo exhibition "What are you looking at?" to Salerno Gallery in Glebe, Sydney - his first exhibition outside of the Blue Mountains. This exhibition featured works, produced over a 5 year period, filled with strange landscapes, characters and movement.

Michael lives and works in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia with his wife and two young children.

Michael welcomes your comments and enquiries

The Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia
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